Privacy policy

This Privacy Policy (hereinafter the “Policy”) governs the processing of your personal data (hereinafter shall be also referred to as “data”) when you visit or use the website (hereinafter the “Website”) or communicate with the Website's administration via available contact details.

Information about us

The Website is owned and operated by two joint controllers (as defined by Article 26 of the Regulation 2016/679 (hereinafter the "GDPR")): a) Invicta Networks (License 8048/JAZ2012-009) N.V., address: Heelsumstraat 51, E-Commerce Park, Curaçao, P.O. Box 422, Registration number: 123787; and b) Brivio Limited, the company incorporated in the Republic of Cyprus, with its registered number HE 315596, with its registered address at Office 102, 12A Lekorpouzier, Limassol, Cyprus. These two joint controllers shall hereinafter be referred to as the "Company", "We", "Us", "Our".

You can contact us for any issue relating to data processing via e-mail [email protected].

What data we process

Contact data. When you communicate with us via the interface of the Website or via available contact details, you provide us with the following data:

•Your contact details: it may be your postal address/email address/phone number;

•Your name;

•All the information you provide us during our communication;

•Additionally, we record the history of your communication with us, which includes the record of audio calls with us (for example, when you communicate via audio with our Support team etc.)

Account data. When you create an account on the Website, you provide us, in addition to your Contact data, with the following:

•Your name;

•Your gender;

•Your birth date;

•The information about coupons you have activated;

•Your username (if applicable);

•Your Skype account;

•Additional data (if applicable).

Additionally, if you have excluded your account from gambling for a specific time period or have blocked your account permanently, we will also have this information recorded.

Newsletter consent data. We collect the data on whether have you consented to receive our Newsletter.

Referral data. We collect the data about your referral (referral user or the referral affiliate).

Bets data. These data include information about bets you have made and on what outcomes, games you have played and the total amount of winnings and losses and similar information.

Verification data. During the Verification process you will be required to provide us with the following data:

•A copy or a photo of your identification document;

•A photo of your payment instrument or other evidence that you are a holder of a payment instrument used or intended to be used for making transactions;

•A photo of you;

•A photo of you bearing your identification document and payment card;

•Your address confirmation. It may be a utility bill, telephone bill or other documents which, in accordance with your jurisdiction's legal and regulatory requirements, shall be enough to confirm your address;

•A confirmation of the source of your wealth and your funds (in some situations);

•The record of your video calls/audio-calls with the Website`s administration (if Verification is made via audio/video call);

• When performing Verification, we check some users of the Website in state registers, databases of politically exposed persons and other reliable sources and collect additional data from them.

Payment data. The Company does not directly process your payments: they are processed by third-party payment providers. This means that we receive your Payment data from these payment providers. These include the following data:

•The information about your payment card or payment instrument (first six and last four digits and a name of the cardholder - first three letters of the name and last three letters of a surname or, in some cases, first three letters of the surname and last three letters of the name);

•Information about your transactions and the data which are necessary to identify transactions.

Loyalty Program data. For the frequenters of the Website, we created our Loyalty Program. It means that we create data about the participation of the user within this Program. These data include:

•Your points earned;

•Your level;

•Cashback amount;

•Other data which may be processed within the Loyalty Program.

Bonus data. We process the data about your use of the bonuses within the Bonus Program. These data include, but not limited to:

•Information about the bonuses you have used;

•Your Bonus balance.

Automatically collected data. When you use the Website some data are collected automatically. These data are received from your web browser and then analysed by us. These data include the following:

•The total time you spend on the Website;

•What internal links were clicked (based on the URL of the next pageview);

•Your IP address and user agent string (which browser is being used, what version, and on which operating system).

Cookies data. Cookies may collect data that fall within the definition of “personal data”. To find more information about the use of cookies, please, follow cookie policy.