Selected Monologues From One-Man Show

Clips from “There Used to be Fireflies” Co-Written by Garin Wolf and Charlie Adler. Original Characters by Charlie Adler. Directed by Asaad Kelada.

“There Used to be Fireflies” is an 11 character play where all 11 lives intersect and collide as they each deal with losing their homes due to a ruthless developer and his imposing mega complex .


Vinnie a former stuntman confined to a wheel chair faces ghosts of his past and tries to move on.


Angel an incomplete transsexual is identified as a witness to arson and is not only dealing with the loss of her home and her many transitions but is afraid for her life.

Aunt Sophie

Aunt Sophie a militant nursing home resident tries to organize a hunger strike in protest of the nursing home’s closing.

Donut Man

Donut Man the hub and anchor of the neighborhood says goodbye on his closing day to the love of his life. A woman he has never met.