Cast of Characters

Some of Charlie Adler’s Most Notable Roles

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Charlie Adler Tiny Toons Buster BunnyBuster Bunny  Charlie Adler Rocko's Modern LifeBev Bighead

Nails Cool World, Charlie Adler Cool WorldNails                 I M Weasel I R Baboon I R Baboon

My Little Pony Spike DragonSpike                 Mechanikles Mechanikles

Gi Joe Renegades Cobra CommanderCobra Commander Transformers Darkside of the Moon Starscream Starscream

Tom & Jerry Fast and Furry Granny Granny                    T Bone Swat Kats   T Bone

Marvel Superhero Squad Dr Doom Dr. Doom  Marvel Super Hero Squad Coco & Coco Von Doom

The Red Guy The Red Guy    Jem Eric Raymond  Eric Raymond


Transformers G1 Silverbolt      Silverbolt           Space Goofs Candy Candy

Brandy and Mr Whiskers Mr. Whiskers          Earthworm Jim Prof Monkey for a HeadProf. Monkey-for-a-head

Ahh Real Monsters Ickis Ickis                          Avengers Assemble MODOK      MODOK

Cow & Chicken COW                       Cow and Chicken        Chicken


And here’s a special BONUS… Charlie singing his heart out as The Ugly Duckling in the 1980’s animated production of ‘The Ugly Duckling’ by Hallmark!